Jasmine Jones
Originating from Charlotte, North Carolina Jasmine is a Radio Production Major with a Minor in Music. Currently in charge of the LIV show and the Political Youth podcasts. She strives to make creative and quality content. Her career goal is to be an Audio Engineer and Producer.

Required Hub – Mitch Darrell

Up and coming hip-hop visionary Mitch Darrell sat down with Required Radio’s own Jasmine Jones for an interview on his life and his future in the music industry. This piece is certainly worth a listen simply to get some insight on the music industry as well as some perspective on becoming an artist. For more on Required Hub and podcasts of all varieties, keep it locked into Required Radio at requiredradio.com and if you want to submit something email us at requiredradio@gmail.com.

Political Youth-Episode 2

Jasmine Jones is here with the second episode of Political Youth; your one-stop destination for the millennial view on American Politics. This episode is about women and how society along with politicians view women as a whole. For more keep it locked into Required Radio at requiredradio.com.

Political Youth- Episode 1

Jasmine Jones is here with Political Youth. The goal of this show is to talk about political issues as well as how the younger demographic thinks about them. This episode is targeting the 2016 Presidential Election and how it has crossed the boundaries from being a serious political race to reality television. For more keep it locked into Required Radio at requiredradio.com.

The Coffee House

Jasmine Jones brings you the Coffee House where she gets live footage from some of the best up and coming artists. This episode features a young man by the name of Tommy O’Connor, a fantastic guitarist. For more live music keep it locked in to Required Radio at requiredradio.com.