Hofstra Music Fest 2018

Hofstra’s Music Fest was an exciting time for everyone that showed up there. Hofstra Concerts put together a great show and tactfully organized 5 separate acts.The performers were Aaron West, The Last Great Kings, CRUISR, Kirk Knight, and the headliner was PVRIS. The most notable performance for Hofstra students was Battle for Music Fest Winners “The Last Great Kings”. “The Last Great Kings”, like most college bands, were very humble and were excited to perform at their biggest venue yet in their young careers.

Their lead guitarist, Tommy O’Connor, was able to give Required Radio a minute to talk about the scale of this performance, “This is miles different from anything we’ve ever done… we’re not used to having other people help us set up; when we brought our equipment and people were like, ‘no we’ll take that for you’, it was a big thing and we were like, ‘no we can do it’, and they said, ‘no let us help you…it’s the professionalism, it’s just like…I feel like a real band”.

The Last Great Kings got pretty raucous applause, especially from Tommy’s fraternity brothers










After The Last Great Kings’ performance, CRUISR came up to rock the stage. The gave a shout out to headliner PVRIS, with their lead guitarist and vocalist Andy States saying how the two bands are really good friends. Guitarist Bruno Catrambone elaborated on their relationship, telling Required Radio, “Yeah…they’re really cool, we toured with them and became friends as a result”. Some of the most exciting moments of CRUISR’s show was that they played some unreleased songs, which were a special treat for the Hofstra faithful.

CRUISR’s unreleased tracks hyped up the audience, but the two leads jamming back to back peaked the excitement of the crowd.










Required Radio contributor DJ LIV provided some mid-act entertainment.












The headliner of the show was PVRIS, who expectedly drew the largest crowd. One of the best moments of their whole act was when lead singer Lynn Gunn started drumming with drummer Brad Griffin;

PVRIS was a fantastic act, and the student were really getting into the music and were incredibly engaged in the performance. PVRIS even came back on for an encore after their last song. Gunn also gave out some of her guitar picks, and Griffin threw his drumsticks into the crowd.

All in all, Hofstra’s Spring Music Fest was the most exciting moment of this semester. It lived up to the billing of being a very hype concert and the feeling was that everyone who went went home satisfied.

Whistle Stop Week Season 2, Episode 9

It’s another fantastic episode of the comedy variety show Whistle Stop Week. Join in with Mark Turner and his friends as banter about current events and generally just crack jokes at each other within the setting of a game show. For all episodes of Season 2 of Whistle Stop Week, please go to their show tab at here at Required Radio. For more keep it locked into Required Radio at requiredradio.com.

Open Format Radio – Episode 1

Ever get tired of hearing the same music every day? I know me and my colleagues are. Everyday we listen to the same material on radio because, as we all know, money speaks for itself. And the sad reality is that if an artist or DJ doesn’t having financial backing behind their music, or at least a solid following, they have minimal leverage to present to a radio station. This has made artists and listeners look elsewhere for alternatives. Which is why I came up with the idea of starting Open Format Media. Open Format Radio is here to offer an alternative to your everyday radio misery. We will be offering a broad range of music from around the country, along with interviews with music artist and media influences.

Stay Cool While In School

Stay Cool While in School
By Jasmine Jones

Back-to-school time is here, aka the stress is back in session. From new roommates and new
class schedules to trying out new clubs and to make friends. College is literally the most nerve
rack, anxiety driven, and the most fun experience you will ever have. That being said, here are
some tips to help you serve the first month of college.

Tip #1 – Don’t Trust Your Roommates
Trust me when I say roommate horror stories are REAL. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of
people who find their lifelong best friends as there college roommates, but most of the time
there will be “that roommate” who doesn’t shower enough, stumbles in drunk at 3am every
night, compulsively lies to you, and etc. So take the initiative to address issues that are
important to you on the first day. If you like to go to sleep at 10pm and your roommate likes to
party until 3am, come to a consensus. Your roommate buys a small lamp and you buy some ear

Tip #2 – Don’t Suck Up To Your Professors
If you can’t be sincere in flattering your professor, don’t do it. Personally, I have had awesome
professors and I have had terrible Professors. No matter what I did, it never changed the way
the professor would act towards me. So save your energy. Your professor is a person and not a
god. Talk to them with respect, but don’t be an annoying kiss ass. Show up on time, ask
questions, sit at the front of class, and try hard on assignments. That’s the way to get your
professors respect, not flattery.

Tip #3 – Greek Life
Greek Life is awesome but isn’t everything. If you’re a Freshmen, I would think about greek life
but wait until your sophomore year of college to decide if you would like to be a part of a sorority
or fraternity. I say this because it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and time consumption.
When you’re first coming to college you’re trying to learn how to adjust to college life. You are
learning how to live on your own, possibly work a campus job, obtain a study routine, join other
clubs or organizations that your are passionate about, and even start building your resume to
start an internship. Why add the stress of a sorority or fraternity into the mix. I am not saying you
should avoid Greek Life at all costs, but just think about the time commitment you will need to
have when being a part of a sorority or fraternity.

Tip #4 – It’s Okay To Get Homesick.
Everyone gets homesick at some point and want to transfer. First semester of college is a hard
one and especially if you are dorming. For me, I went from living in a suburban-ish rural area

down south to New York City. I had no friends, I had decided last minute I didn’t want to play
college sports, and I was stuck with some of the worst roommates known to man. I also
eventually ended up on crutches, but I didn’t let that stop me from trying new things. I tried new
club sports, went to various club meetings, and drove into major. I eventually came out with
some great friends and funny memories.
Tip #5 – Don’t Starve Yourself, But The Freshmen 15 Is Real
Eat healthier and work out more. Working out helps with stress from classes and roommates.
Eating healthier will literally help everything else. It’s easy to say, but most Freshmen gain
weight because they usually spend more time being socially awkward and wanting to stay in
there dorm watching netflix. Also if you were an athlete in high school and you’re not one in
college, you tend to get a little lazier with your eating habits and workout routine. For me I had
not the best eating habits to begin with, but when I was in High school playing sports, I would
workout three times a day. When I got to college I worked out maybe 4 times a week. Don’t
stress out about weight, but just be more observant of your eating habits. Eat breakfast and if
you want a snack to munch on while you’re studying, eat fruit.

I hope these few tips helped you be more prepared when it comes to comes to being ready for
the first few months of college. If you have any other college advice questions or tips of your
own, make sure to tweet us @RequiredRadio.

Required Hub – Mitch Darrell

Up and coming hip-hop visionary Mitch Darrell sat down with Required Radio’s own Jasmine Jones for an interview on his life and his future in the music industry. This piece is certainly worth a listen simply to get some insight on the music industry as well as some perspective on becoming an artist. For more on Required Hub and podcasts of all varieties, keep it locked into Required Radio at requiredradio.com and if you want to submit something email us at requiredradio@gmail.com.