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Yet another hot week for world International music! For this weeks show we had music from countries such as Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Nigeria, south Africa, spain, new Zealand and more. World news consisted of info from England on Sir Paul McCartney topping the rich musican list, a concert in india getting shut down and a rock n roll concert in Cape town south africa.

Offical Playlist for this week

Swedish house Mafia-Dont you worry child (Sweden)

A-Mei-If you Have heard (Taiwan)

Tego Calderon (Puerto Rico)

M.I.A-Bad Girls (Sri Lanka)

Mami Kawada-Joint (Japan)

Lorde-Royals (New Zealand)

Sammy Simorangkir-Sedang Apa Dan Dimana (SADD) (Indonesia)

Alex Party-Don’t give me your life (Italy)

Flavour-Gollible (Nigeria)

Yaina-Rodeados y Tan Solos (Spain)

Carabao-Thierry (Thailand)

Rita Ora-R.I.P featuring Tinie Tempah (England)

Paulina Rubio-Mi Nuevo Vicio featuring Morat (Mexico)

The Narrow-Lonely Lonely (South Africa)


Older Than Oceans Interview

Older Than Oceans is a Alternative/Post Hardcore band hailing from Long Island, NY. The six-piece act draws influences from their local music scene, and have crafted a unique sound which can be heard on their debut release, “I, Undefined”. The band brings a tremendous energy to their performances and certainly knows how to worotopick a crowd.

Recently, Colette got a chance to talk with Tom and Josh, the band’s vocalists, and see what they have been working on this year. The guys talk about their formation, recording their album, playing live shows and more. Hear the full interview on our soundcloud or right below!

Catch the band live!

  •  Saturday 4/25  – Amityville Music Hall (Amityville, NY)
  •  Friday 5/01  – Amazura Concert Hall (Jamaica, NY)

For more information on Older Than Oceans, head over to their Facebook page.

MC C.B Returns to the Required Radio Studio

MC CB is an alternative rapper hailing from Harlem, NY who brings you “Raw.Unflinching.Soul”. Getting his musical start back in the “MySpace” days, MC C.B has been creating and performing music for quite some time. His energy both on and off the mc cbstage is captivating and easily persuades any audience to lose their self in his music. This year, MC C.B has been creating new music, performing shows and is ready to take on the world!

Recently, MC C.B decided to come back to Required Radio and talk with Colette for a second time.  He first joined us in December of 2014. Cut to April 2015 and he is doing better than ever! In this interview, they discuss his new album “L33T Life”, recent single L.O.V.E and much more! Hear it now on our soundcloud page or listen right below.

If you like what you hear, head over to MC C.B’s website for more info!



ZTB Interview

ZTB is a DJ/Producer hailing from Connecticut who has been making moves all over the Tri-State area.  Getting his start in 2010, ZTB began making hip-hop beats. Over time, he found a way to fuse his love of hip-hop and metal music with the fast-growing Electronica  Screen shot 2015-04-02 at 4.58.57 PMcommunity. Cut to 2015, and ZTB is continuously producing amazing tracks and playing shows in popular venues such as Pianos in NYC and Toad’s Place in New Haven.

Recently, ZTB stopped by the Required Radio studios to talk with Colette, our Music Director. In addition, Colette brought in a guest host to help conduct this interview. She asked Liz Tillman, who is a contributor for EDM NYC.

Colette and Liz sit down with ZTB to talk about what he’s been up to in 2015. We discuss his brand new track “TRVCES”, his production style, festivals and playing live shows. If you missed our interview with ZTB, don’t fret! Check it out right below or on our soundcloud!

Like what you hear? Check out all ZTB has to offer on his soundcloud!

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Global takeover recap



Had a special EDM show where I played the best Electronic Dance Music from all over. Calvin Harris, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta all your favorite hits from them all were played on the show. Also played some Hardstyle music from the one an only BladeMasterz, traveled out to other countries and showcase artists from their EDM scenes and plenty more. Here is the official playlist

1. Goodwill & Hook and Sling-Take you Higher (Australia)

2. Alexandra Stan-Mr Saxobeat (Romania)

3. House Rockerz-Guardian Angel (Germany)

4. Tiesto-Adagio for Strings (Netherlands)

5. Gareth Emery-Solider featuring Roxanne Emery Luke Bond remix (England)

6. Avicii- levels (Sweden)

7. David Guetta-Sexy chick (France)

8. BladeMasterz-One Blade (Netherlands)

9. Calvin Harris- Feel so close (Scotland)

10. Filly bee-Like a Bomb (Romania)

11. Alex Party-Dont Give me your life (Italy)

12. Swedish House Mafia- Dont you Worry ChildMidnight-Conspiracy-Midnight-Conspiracy- (Sweden)

Duro Interview

Juan “DURO” Ortiz is a DJ/Producer originating from the Dominican Republic who made his move to Miami then NYC, and hasn’t been slowing down ever since! Duro mbhas heavily established himself in the Moombahton genre/community, but continues to branch out to new genres and sounds. He even created his own genre called “jerseyton”, which combines Moombahton and Jersey Club to create an all new, very sexy sound!

Recently, Duro stopped by the Required Radio studios to talk with Colette, our Music Director. While she loves his music, as more of a rock fan, Colette felt she needed to bring in an additional voice to help conduct this interview. She made the obvious decision to invite her close friend, Liz Tillman. Liz is a contributor for EDM NYC, and a huge fan of anything Electronica/DJ related.

Colette and Liz sit down with Duro to talk about all his latest endeavors. We discuss his headlining gig at Moombah Mansion, how he crafts his sets and the business of modern music festivals. If you missed our interview with Duro, have no fear! Check it out right below or on our soundcloud.

Want to hear more? Head over to to hear all of Duro’s music! For bookings, you can email


Dean Catroppa Interview

Dean Catroppa is a Long Island musician who comes from the town of Massapequa and currently resides in Amityville. He is a talented and passionate songwriter, who can play some killer tunes!

This year, Dean has been working with Colette, our Music Director, to promote sbom3ome talented local musicians. In their recent interview, Colette sat down with Dean to talk about his music, his musical friends/colleagues, and to help showcase some great tunes. Dean put together a compilation album titled “The Local Boys: A Massapequa Compilation” that features him and a bunch of his musical buddies.

If you missed the interview on-air, don’t worry! You can hear it all on our soundcloud page, or by clicking the player right below.


If you would like to get an idea of the talented musicians Dean refers to, you can watch this video that previews all 18 songs from “The Local Boys”!

Liked anything off the album? Then head over to to hear more from producer, Tom Petrone, who was also featured on “The Local Boys”.

Global takeover special




This past week we had a double take of Global Takeover a special 10-12 special where the music came from all over China, Turkey, Libya, Germany, The Netherlands, Swaziland, Argentina, Mozambique and a host of other places. Brought you all your international world news including a story of how Mexicans are now becoming fans of Polka Music and actually playing it in the country. All this and more in this weeks special edition of the show.

Hour 1’s official tracklist

1. Zenglen-Rezita (Haiti)

2. Anouk-places to go (The Netherlands)

3.Hedgehog- The band (China)

4. Iren Derci- Nabza Gore Serbet (Turkey)

5. Mexican Mariachi (Mexico)

6. Nino Ice-En Passant Par les Autres (France)

7. traditional Libya music (Libya)

8. Стас Шуринс – Прости (Russia)

9. Pez-The festival song featuring 360 and Hailey Cramer (Australia)

10. Almah-Unfold (Brazil)

11. Italo Brothers-stamp on the ground (Germany)

12. Norweigen folk music (Norway)

13. David Guetta-Love is Gone featuring Chris Willis (France)

14. traditional Mongolian music- The healing song (Mongolia)

Official track list Hour 2

1. Juanes-Juntos (Mexico)

2. Enrique Iglesias featuring Gente De Zona and Descemer Bueno Spanish version (Spain)

3. Kylie Minogue- Cant get you out of my head (Australia)

4. Alexandra Stan-Mr Saxobeat (Romania)

5. Ezra Vine-Celeste (New Zealand)

6. Kalafina-Heavenly Blue (Japan)

7. Eros Ramazzotti & Giorgia – Inevitabile (Italy)

8. 2Lson-The End Featuring  Jo Hyun Ah and Giriboy (Korea)

9. Noisecontrollers-Revolution is Here (The Netherlands)

10. Anita Macuacua-Avano (Mozambique)

11. Dj Diego Ro-K-The Door (Argentina)

12. Arjit Singh-Muskurane (India)

13. Bholoja-6 Days (Swaziland)

Bad Mary Interview

Bad Mary is a punk band created in the New York area. This four-piece act consisting of friends and family is guaranteed to always put on a killer performance whether hanging in studio or rocking out on stage. Since the 2014 release of their debut album “Better Days”, they have been continuously booking gigs and blowing crowds away.

Last week, Colette got a chance to catch up with the band, and see what they have been up to this past year. The band talks about their origins, playing live shows, recording “Better Days” and much more! Hear the full interview on our soundcloud or right below.

Screen shot 2015-03-11 at 11.31.47 AMCatch the band live!

  •  Tuesday 3/17  – Hofstra University Spiegel Theater (Hempstead, NY)
  •  Sunday 4/12  – Revolution Music Hall (Amityville, NY)

For more info on Bad Mary, head over to their website

“Doc Martens and fishnets, ninjas and zombies, crunchy guitar and funky drums, what more could you want? Bad Mary plays high-energy, danceable punk that’s fast, loud, and fun.”

Global Takeover 3 recap

headphones and globe3rd consecutive show last week and I took ya’ll waaaay outward to Greece,Taiwan,Jordan, went up north to Canada and ventured outward to the domincan republic among other fine places. Your International News came from South Africa where they have a brand new exhibit showing how music played a part during the Apartheid era, A Hungarian folk singer is trying to sue Beyonce for sampling her own vocals for the song Drunk In love and finally I’ll let ya’ll know about some upcoming reggae albums straight from Jamacia coming soon.  Here is the playlist from Show number 3

            Official Playlist

1. Eversor-Το κουτόχορτο” (Greece)

2. Tim Berg A.K.A Avicii- Seek Bromance (Sweden)

3. Leichtensteiner Polka (Poland)

4. Edward Maya Vika Jigulina featuring Alicia-Stereolove Spanish remix (Romanian Spanish mix)

5. Page featuring Drake-Im so Fly (Canada)

6. Wang Leeholm featuring Avicii-lose myself (Taiwan)

7. Victor Victor-Bachata Entres Amigos (Dominican republic)

8. Don Omar featuring Fat Joe, NORE, LDA-Reggaeton Latino (Puerto Rico American mix)

9. Daft Punk-Around the World (France)

10. traditional jordanian music (Jordan)

11. Kalafina-Heavenly Blue (Japan)

12. Natali Dizdar-Illuzionist (Croatia)

13. GPB- The Official (Zimbabwae)