Required Updates

2015 will welcome several popular continuations of the stories we love. Check each of them out below! CLICK THE IMAGES TO WATCH EACH TRAILER! MAY 1st The Avengers: Age of Ultron JUNE 12th Jurassic World DECEMBER 18th Star Wards: The Force Awakens FEBRUARY 8th Better Call Saul FEBRUARY 27th House… Continue reading

MC CB Interview

Did you miss our interview with MC CB? Have no fear, we posted it on our soundcloud page! MC CB is an alternative rapper hailing from Harlem who brings you “Raw.Unflinching.Soul”. Be sure to check out his interview with Colette, our Music Director. They discuss what projects he’s been working… Continue reading

NYC Travels

Focusing on Queens NY this week. spoke with Sekou branch the head of the afrikan peotry theatre. Also discussed some Music artist from queens like 50 cent, Run Dmc, Art and garfunkel, Nicki minaj etc.. and also let ya’ll know about some other areas to find queens entertainment Continue reading