The Nerdcast Series Finale – Summer 2019!

On the final episode of The Nerdcast, Nick and Adam discuss what could be in store for next month’s E3 show! They have predictions on the upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft as well as a look into this year’s summer releases. Also, they would like to thank everyone who has been listening to The Nerdcast over the year and to enjoy everything else Required Radio has to offer! To listen to all previous episodes of The Nerdcast, keep it locked into Required Radio at and wherever you get your podcasts.

Adam Castar
Adam is a Radio Production and Studies major at Hofstra University. He's the co-executive producer of The Nerdcast and The Required Radio Fantasy Show. Some of his major interests include video games, film and comic books. Some of his favorite comics are Batman: Year One, The Flashpoint Paradox and The Dark Knight Returns. His favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and his favorite film is Goodfellas.
Nick Koumis
Hey I’m Nicholas Koumis. I am majoring in Video in Television and Film production. Currently, I am the Co-Host of our video game/pop culture show, The Nerdcast. Many of my interests include: film/TV production, computer programming and coding, sketch drawing, illustrations, and casual/competitive video gaming.
Adam Castar
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