Whistle Stop Week – Season 3 Episode 6

Whistle Stop Week, the comedy game show from across the pond, is back again with another hilarious episode. I you want to catch up on Season 3 of Whistle Stop Week, check out more episodes at Required Radio at requiredradio.com.

Whistle Stop Week

About Whistle Stop Week

An irreverent, satirical & occasionally hysterical quiz show that aims to rattle through current news, via the medium of radio/pod, guided by a handful of shaved monkeys. Joining host Mark Turner are regular team captains Darcie Nolan and Mark Barsocchini, and guest panelists pulled from our address books – or off the street! Tune in bi-weekly – Thursday’s at 8pm EST – to hear how we make fun of topical news events and people (some, as we’re sure you can imagine, are easier than others), as the two team’s scrap it out for precious points which appear to be being awarded entirely arbitrarily. Surely not? (hint: yes, they are!)
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