Lunch Break October Special Ep 7

The October Extravaganza continues with Gabi, Olivia, and Hunter sharing their own ghost stories… and they talk about aliens, kitchen gorillas, and most importantly their cats.

Ghost Duet – Louie Zong
Aliens Are Ghosts – $uicideBoy$ ft Travis Barker
ghost boy – Lil Peep
Sleepless – GHOST GRL
Cat Girls Are Ruining My Life – Corpse

Olivia Haas
Olivia Haas is a Radio Production major and a Drama minor originally from the beautiful Napa Valley in California. She is the Production Manager of Hofstra Concerts, a DJ on Alternative Nation and talk host on The Screening Room on WRHU, as well as an Audio Visual Tech for Hofstra’s Event Management. She loves Disney and got the chance to work at the Walt Disney World Resort in 2018. One of her favorite past times is going to concerts with her pals and spilling tea on her podcast.
Gabi Góngora
Gabi Góngora is the treasurer of Required Radio. She is an audio production major and a music minor at Hofstra University. Hailing from Syracuse, New York, Gabi started her audio career in music technology but since arriving at Hofstra, has expanded into radio drama, sound for film and television, podcasting, and more. Gabi is also a musician playing cello with the Hofstra Chamber and Symphony Orchestras. She is a member of WRHU and is co-host and producer of Lunch Break on Required Radio. In her free time, she loves going to concerts, getting boba, and hanging out in the studio with her friends!
Olivia Haas
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