Julia Berk is the President of Required Radio. She is a Radio Production major and a Mass Media Studies minor at Hofstra University. She hails all the way from San Francisco, California. At Hofstra, she is the co-producer for WRHU’s show Alternative Nation and is a saxophone player and social media manager in the Hofstra Pep Band. She enjoys listening to music, her favorite genres are alternative rock, classic rock, pop punk, and many more!

Jewish Activism

In this episode of Getting To The Root, Julia sat down with Hadas Hayun who works for Hofstra University’s Hillel and Sydney Korman who works for Open Hillel. She discusses the importance of Jewish activism in various organizations. She also talks about the role activism plays in Jewish Identity and what the term “Anti-Semitism” means.

It’s a Good Life

Julia took the infamous It’s A Good Life by Jerome Bixby and adapted it into an audio piece for her advanced audio production class. The piece is starring Chris as Dan, Connor as Dad, Gabi as Mom, Hugh as John, Celeste as Amy, Olivia as Anthony, Siam as Pat, and Julia as Thelma.

Music is Night and Day Fabrizio Caligaris

Sound is courtesy of freesound.org

Take An Ice Pack – Episode 2

In this week’s episode of Take An Ice Pack we sit down and talk about crazy and scary dreams we’ve had. Listen to Ed tell his experience with sleep paralysis, Julia tell us about her strange reoccurring dream, and Dom talk about his dream that is so frightening you might want to bring a diaper.

Sound effects:
Curtesy of Freesound.org

Too Cool by Kevin Macleod
Blue Sizzle by Kevin Macleod

Take An Ice Pack – Awkward Pharmacy Situations

In this week’s episode we sit down and talk about awkward drug store and pharmacy stories of us and our friends. We would like to thank Max, Lizzie, Gina, and Adam for their input and help for this week’s episode. For more, keep it locked into Required Radio at requiredradio.com and listen to us wherever you get your podcasts.

Music: Too Cool by Kevin Macleod