Life’s A Pitch Episode 8

On this episode of Life’s a Pitch, host Gabe Salzman gives his usual take on fantasy baseball news for the week, while also providing advice for owners who may need a quick fix for an injury or suspension.

Life’s A Pitch Episode 7

On this episode of Life’s A Pitch, Gabe has his friend Michael on and a couple of other people from his own fantasy baseball league to talk about this week’s hot topics in fantasy baseball. For more, keep it locked into Required Radio at

Hofstra Music Fest 2018

Hofstra’s Music Fest was an exciting time for everyone that showed up there. Hofstra Concerts put together a great show and tactfully organized 5 separate acts.The performers were Aaron West, The Last Great Kings, CRUISR, Kirk Knight, and the headliner was PVRIS. The most notable performance for Hofstra students was Battle for Music Fest Winners “The Last Great Kings”. “The Last Great Kings”, like most college bands, were very humble and were excited to perform at their biggest venue yet in their young careers.

Their lead guitarist, Tommy O’Connor, was able to give Required Radio a minute to talk about the scale of this performance, “This is miles different from anything we’ve ever done… we’re not used to having other people help us set up; when we brought our equipment and people were like, ‘no we’ll take that for you’, it was a big thing and we were like, ‘no we can do it’, and they said, ‘no let us help you…it’s the professionalism, it’s just like…I feel like a real band”.

The Last Great Kings got pretty raucous applause, especially from Tommy’s fraternity brothers










After The Last Great Kings’ performance, CRUISR came up to rock the stage. The gave a shout out to headliner PVRIS, with their lead guitarist and vocalist Andy States saying how the two bands are really good friends. Guitarist Bruno┬áCatrambone elaborated on their relationship, telling Required Radio, “Yeah…they’re really cool, we toured with them and became friends as a result”. Some of the most exciting moments of CRUISR’s show was that they played some unreleased songs, which were a special treat for the Hofstra faithful.

CRUISR’s unreleased tracks hyped up the audience, but the two leads jamming back to back peaked the excitement of the crowd.










Required Radio contributor DJ LIV provided some mid-act entertainment.












The headliner of the show was PVRIS, who expectedly drew the largest crowd. One of the best moments of their whole act was when lead singer Lynn Gunn started drumming with drummer Brad Griffin;

PVRIS was a fantastic act, and the student were really getting into the music and were incredibly engaged in the performance. PVRIS even came back on for an encore after their last song. Gunn also gave out some of her guitar picks, and Griffin threw his drumsticks into the crowd.

All in all, Hofstra’s Spring Music Fest was the most exciting moment of this semester. It lived up to the billing of being a very hype concert and the feeling was that everyone who went went home satisfied.

The Nerdcast – DLC

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