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Dennis Quinn’s on-air broadcast career spans five decades in New York City radio. As an on-air personality he has hosted programs in formats ranging from top 40 to Disco, AOR to Love Songs on WPIX-FM. In 1988 he segued to Smooth Jazz on CD101.9.

In 1970 he created ‘Rapline’ which combined call ‘ in Talk Radio with rock and pop music. In-studio guests ranged from Neil Sedaka and Andy Williams to Bill Withers, Chuck Berry, and Alice Cooper. Off-air he has produced numerous radio documentaries including, ‘Still Rolling, ‘an award winning Rolling Stones audio documentary.

He has held administrative posts including program director, public service director and production director. He has been an AFTRA shop steward for twenty-five years.920x920-1

Dennis is also a performance artist. With his group ‘Warp Spasm’ he performs stories in a genre-bending mix of radio drama, music, and spoken word.

Academically he was an adjunct professor at Fairfield University for five years. He created the syllabi for three courses that helped transition Fairfield’s ‘New Media; Film, Television and Radio ‘program from a minor to a major. He was the creator and executive producer of Fairfield University’s audio magazine, ‘Buzz.’

In 2007 his course ‘Early Radio and the American Identity’ was selected by Yale as part of its prestigious, Residential College Lecture Series.

In the fall of 2008 Dennis became a full time assistant professor at Hofstra University and In the fall of 2014 he was promoted to associate professor.

He teaches various radio courses in the Radio, Television, and Film
Department of the School of Communication.He is the Radio Area Coordinator and creator, executive producer, and General Manager of Hofstra’s 24/7 Internet radio station – Required Radio.


Steven Wolff is a senior here at Hofstra University. He is a radio production and studies major and a member of WRHU. He does a sports podcast called Issues in Sports, where he talks about current issues that occur in sports today whether it be in the game or off the field. Sports are his passion whether it be both playing and watching. He believes they are an excellent way to take your mind off all of people’s stresses in life. He lives in Manhattan on the Upper West Side near Lincoln Center. Fun Fact about him is he went to the only Mets world series win at Citi Field two seasons14522837_1292346574118641_4006897350369893364_n ago.


Originating from the Chicagoland area, Benny is a member of the Class of 2018. He is majoring in Radio Production and Studies with a minor in Jewish Studies. He is currently working on his podcast called “Athletes Away From the Field.” Benny really enjoys sports and discussing social issues, so when the opportunity came to be able to discuss both in the same podcast it was a no bennybrainer. Benny also has a love for audio editing which stems from his love for listening to the radio, and listening to podcasts from a variety of genres. Much of what he likes to listen to on the radio is sports talk shows, but he also enjoys listening to local nightly news segments



Sean is a senior at Hofstra University majoring in Radio Production. He was born in Taiwan and moved to United States at the age of 13. Attended high school in Virginia, and moved to New York after he graduated. Currently he is establishing a club with other members who are trying to run the internet radio station. Fighting for the station to be airing even after they graduated from Hofstra. Their goal is to provide experiences and knowledge for those who want to do recording/editing from their passion and creativity. On Required Radio, he is making a Podcast on Japanese anime and a Radio Drama he and his friends worked on over the summer. Be sure to check out all the fun stuff they have, and let the fun begins!401098_355440767814147_872406587_n


Jazmine Gonzalez is a Senior at Hofstra University. She’s currently majoring in Radio Production with a minor in History. Her dream career would involve her traveling the World, covering stories that pull at people’s emotions. She would love to be a producer for longform content that closely resembles documentaries. She hopes to one day produce a 30 for 30 on ESPN. 11219211_897139383673739_2604242022268680590_n




A Radio Major here at Hofstra University. John was drawn into the world of radio due to his love of storytelling. With a knack for understanding how to connect with an audience, his skills lie in both entertainment and marketing spheres.  John works to become a radio and TV personality in the likes of Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark. Using his “Golden Voice” to get there one tale at a time.imag1302



Gabriel Salzman is a sophomore  Radio Production and Studies major and a music minor from Plainview, New York.  He was a broadcaster at his high school’s radio station, 88.5 fm WPOB, for 4 years as well as the Sports Director for his senior year of high school.  He is currently a member of the Sports Department at 88.7 fm WRHU where he works on broadcasts for sports talk show, Hofstra Pride sports, Long Island Nets, Long Island Ducks, New York Cosmos, New York Lizards, and the New York Islanders.  At WRHU, he has been a commentator, sports update anchor, as well as performing various in-studio tasks that make sure that the broadcast goes on the air.  Aside from WRHU and Required Radio, he is a member of the Hofstra University Pep Band where he plays the Bass Trombone, attending sporting events as well as various university events.11150990_898307500230086_5996474503282730629_n





Jenna Weigard is a senior Radio Production and Studies major. She does a theater podcast, as well as social media for Required Radio.  She is super passionate about theater, especially contemporary theater.  And yes, she has seen Hamilton (9 times, all original Broadway cast, one time at the Public Theater).  Fun fact about her: She has 16 tattoos (with future plans for more)!






Adam is a sophomore Radio Production and Studies major at Hofstra University. Some of his major interests include video games, film and comic books. Some of his favorite comics are Batman: Year One, The Flashpoint Paradox and The Dark Knight Returns. His favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and his favorite film is The Usual Suspects. For Required Radio, Adam runs the website and is officially the co-media director along with Jenna Weigard. He currently has a podcast known as The Nerdcast with his friend, Nick Koumis, where they talk about various gaming topics with some comedic banter thrown in for good measure.





Gabe is a Radio Production and studies major at Hofstra University with a passion for music. At Required Radio, he’s been making good use of the recording studio to record new and upcoming artists. Gabe also plays in a band and surrounds himself with music on a daily basis.




Originating from Charlotte, North Carolina Jasmine is our current Director and President of Required Radio’s campus organization. She is a Sophomore Radio Production Major with a Minor in Music. Currently in charge of the LIV show and the Political Youth podcasts. She strives to make creative and quality content. Her career goal is to be an Audio Engineer and Producer.

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