Required Staff

DENNIS QUINN – Faculty Advisor

Dennis Quinn’s on-air broadcast career spans five decades in New York City radio. As an on-air personality he has hosted programs in formats ranging from top 40 to Disco, AOR to Love Songs on WPIX-FM. In 1988 he segued to Smooth Jazz on CD101.9.

In 1970 he created ‘Rapline’ which combined call ‘ in Talk Radio with rock and pop music. In-studio guests ranged from Neil Sedaka and Andy Williams to Bill Withers, Chuck Berry, and Alice Cooper. Off-air he has produced numerous radio documentaries including, ‘Still Rolling, ‘an award winning Rolling Stones audio documentary.

He has held administrative posts including program director, public service director and production director. He has been an AFTRA shop steward for twenty-five years.920x920-1

Dennis is also a performance artist. With his group ‘Warp Spasm’ he performs stories in a genre-bending mix of radio drama, music, and spoken word.

Academically he was an adjunct professor at Fairfield University for five years. He created the syllabi for three courses that helped transition Fairfield’s ‘New Media; Film, Television and Radio ‘program from a minor to a major. He was the creator and executive producer of Fairfield University’s audio magazine, ‘Buzz.’

In 2007 his course ‘Early Radio and the American Identity’ was selected by Yale as part of its prestigious, Residential College Lecture Series.

In the fall of 2008 Dennis became a full time assistant professor at Hofstra University and In the fall of 2014 he was promoted to associate professor.

He teaches various radio courses in the Radio, Television, and Film
Department of the School of Communication.He is the Radio Area Coordinator and creator, executive producer, and General Manager of Hofstra’s 24/7 Internet radio station – Required Radio.

ADAM CASTAR – President/ Podcast Producer – “The Nerdcast/Required Radio Fantasy Show”

Adam is a senior Radio Production and Studies major at Hofstra University and the President of Required Radio. Some of his major interests include video games, film and comic books. Some of his favorite comics are Batman: Year One, The Flashpoint Paradox and The Dark Knight Returns. His favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and his favorite film is  Goodfellas. He currently has a podcast known as The Nerdcast with his friend, Nick Koumis, where they talk about various gaming topics with some comedic banter thrown in for good measure.

NICHOLAS KOUMIS – Vice President – Producer – The Nerdcast








Hey I’m Nicholas Koumis. I am a senior majoring in Video in Television and Film production. Currently, I am the Vice President of Required Radio and Co-Host of our video game/pop culture show, The NerdCast. Many of my interests include: film/TV production, computer programming and coding, sketch drawing, illustrations, and casual/competitive video gaming.

JULIA BERK – Secretary









Julia Berk is the secretary for Required Radio. She is a sophomore Radio Production major and a Mass Media Studies minor at Hofstra University. She hails all the way from San Francisco, California. When she’s back in San Francisco, she works on the promo team for alternative radio station, The New Alt 105.3. At Hofstra, she is the producer for WRHU’s show Rock and Roll Oasis and is a saxophone player in the Hofstra Pep Band. She enjoys listening to music, her favorite genres are alternative rock, classic rock, pop punk, and many more!

RYAN GINEO – Producer – “A Sucker for Soccer”

“Ryan Gineo is a freshman Journalism major and a Music minor at Hofstra University. His main interests are sports (specifically soccer, football, and baseball) and music. His favorite sports teams includes the Yankees, Giants, West Ham United and New York City FC. He currently has a podcast called “A Sucker For Soccer”, where he talks about all things soccer, including the Premier League and Champions League.”



SARAH OGAARD – Podcast Producer









Say hey to Sarah, a Senior Linguistics/Forensic Linguistics BA/MA student from the Literal Middle of Nowhere, Iowa. They enjoy long hikes through the local crypid infested backwoods, advocating for accessibility, voice acting, and napping. Business inquiries can be directed to, and non-business inquiries will be most promptly answered by telling the stray cat behind your local Denny’s. She will inform them.

Happy listening!

Ben Abrams – Executive Producer – Getting to the Root

Benjamin H. Abrams is an independent radio journalist and undergraduate student at Hofstra University, where he is currently pursuing a bachelor of arts in radio production. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, he currently serves as a producer and co-host of Getting To The Root, an audio documentary & public affairs program on WRHU-FM, and available on Required Radio. He also serves as a producer, anchor and reporter for the WRHU News Department, Long Island’s largest radio news team. Outside of his academic career, Ben has worked with organizations like WPPM-LP, the community radio station wing of PhillyCAM (Philadelphia Public Access Corporation). Ben is an accomplished musician, with over 17 years of experience on guitar and over 7 years of songwriting experience. Ben’s work and contact info are available on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and


Ethan Tanzer is a Freshman undergraduate student at Hofstra University studying Television Studies and Production. He is from Queens, NY and went to Queens Metropolitan High School. His main interests are playing basketball as well as watching MLB, NBA, and NFL. His favorite teams are the Knicks, Warriors, Mets, and Giants. Ethan also has interests in Hip Hop and Rap music as well.




Anthony Hidalgo – Producer








Anthony Hidalgo is a sophomore Journalism Major from Long Island, NY. New to Required Radio is the host of “The Anime Club Podcast”. Interests include playing video games, watching anime, going to Mets games, Knicks games, and going to the beach during the summer. Also has a growing vinyl collection. Anthony is also a sports writer for the Chronicle.


Cameron Bonagura – Producer








“Cameron Bonagura is a Junior Audio Production/Studies major at Hofstra University. He is from North Bellmore, NY and he loves watching sports. He watches NHL, NBA, MLB, and the NFL. His favorite teams are the Rangers, Yankees, Giants, and Knicks. He also enjoys watching movies. His favorite film is John Carpenter’s The Thing.

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