Shootin’ The Breeze – Episode 3

In our third edition of Shootin’ The Breeze, we are the most conversational we have ever been. This episode is really laid back and chill. We expand into various tangents and just have an all-around good time, while including some of our fan-favorite portions of the episode, as well!

Shootin’ The Breeze – Episode 2

Welcome back to the second edition of Shootin’ The Breeze. In this installment, we chat a bit about the hottest question at the moment: doors or wheels? We also rank different water bottle companies on a tier chart and we cover some new releases in the world of music. We shoot the breeze on these topics and much more, all while accompanied by the one and only Grace “Goob” McIntyre.

Shootin’ The Breeze – Pilot

The very first installment of Shootin’ The Breeze! This is our pilot and while we may be new to this, we have lots to learn and are ready to produce entertaining podcasts on a weekly basis. This episode sets the expectation of the type of content that will be covered on Shootin’ The Breeze. We tackle the Super Bowl vaguely, discuss the groundbreaking “Multiverse of Madness” trailer and give our opinion on whether or not BBQ-flavored Pringles are overrated. The episode may seem like it jumps around a bit, but that’s exactly what we intend. This is a podcast, where anything can be talked about. We are just two dudes Shootin’ The Breeze!

Skylines Episode 4 – Clementine

For episode 4, Sky is joined by the members of Clementine, an alternative rock band based in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you’ve listened to a past episode, you’ll recognize them from the intro music! Tune in to hear about how these five high schoolers started making music together, what helps them work best as a group, and guitarist Sam’s surreal experience playing onstage with Green Day!

Jump The Fence – Episode 7

Who is our next Bachelorette most likely going to be? In this week’s episode, Hannah recaps both Week 6 & Week 7 of Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor”. Spoiler Alert in full effect. In addition, Hannah discusses who she thinks her final pick will be, and Chris Harrison stepping down as host. She also brings up what’s going on with Rachael Kirkconnell and how she’s not as nice as she appears to be on camera.