Lunch Break S. 2, Ep. 1

After a long break Gabi and Olivia are back to chat about bees, Tik Tok, and crazy theories. Come hang out with us again!
TRIGGER WARNING: There is discussion of suicide and school shooting is this episode.

IHATEMETOO – LIL PHAG, Danny Gonzalez, Felony Steve, Kellen Schneider
Take Me Away – The Deep End
Mover Awayer – Hobo Johnson
catharsis – Downcast UK

Lunch Break Ep. 11

 We have to apologize in advanced about how LOUD we all get during this episode.
Gabi and Olivia host ANOTHER guest (two in a row oh boy!) Stella joins the crew to talk about how Gabi manages to fit lemons into water bottles, the KFC “I ate the bones commercial” , and their most favorite concerts they have ever been too. Listen to hear Olivia’s one and only knock knock joke and of course the tunes.
Now I’m a Baby – Garrett Watts
TANTRUM – Waterparks
For Elise – Saint Motel
Heavenly Maybe – Gengahr
Quiet Little Voices – We Were Promised Jetpacks

Lunch Break Ep. 9

The valentines day episode thats a week late lol.
Gabi and Olivia ~vibe~ They chat about stress, pain, PE, and the discovery weekly playlist on Spotify.
valentine (prod. flavors) – atlas, Flavors
Chinese New Year – SALES
All On My Mind – Anderson East
Indigo – B.Keyz, Travis Mendes, Kola Rai

Lunch Break Ep. 8

The chillest comeback yet. Gabi tells a story about a Karen and Olivia can’t shut up about Waterparks. What’s new?
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Cash Machine – Oliver Tree
Harry – Kelsy Karter
Teenage Jealousy – Waterparks
Adderall – Max Frost
Brazil – Declan McKenna

Lunch Break Ep. 7

Gabi and Olivia chat about the end of the decade, Olivia almost DIES from some honey, and Tommy O’Connor joins us over the phone to chat about his experience with the law.
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I Felt Younger When We Met – Waterparks
Fly Me To The Moon Remastered- Frank Sinatra
Are You High?- Bad Sounds
Seasons- The Last Great Kings
Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass- All Time Low

Lunch Break Ep. 6

Gabi and Olivia vibe and chat about Disney+, actors who seem to be in every movie, Ariana Grande, and Harry Styles’ world tour announcement.
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80’s Films – Jon Bellion
breathin – Ariana Grande
Hit the Back – King Princess

It’s a Good Life

Julia took the infamous It’s A Good Life by Jerome Bixby and adapted it into an audio piece for her advanced audio production class. The piece is starring Chris as Dan, Connor as Dad, Gabi as Mom, Hugh as John, Celeste as Amy, Olivia as Anthony, Siam as Pat, and Julia as Thelma.

Music is Night and Day Fabrizio Caligaris

Sound is courtesy of

Lunch Break Ep. 5

…..”we post every Monday and Wednesday”….lol. A (literally) very sick and tired Gabi and Olivia just sit and have a very delirious chat about donut smugglers, Disney+ and whats new on Netflix.
Mr. Brightside- The Killers
Apologize- grandson
Lonely Boy- The Black Keys