The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 31

Former UMaine forward and Florida Panthers prospect Pat Shea joins Josh and Fal to talk about his journey at UMaine playing in Hockey East, as well as what Joel Quenneville is like to be around and Pat’s YouTube and TikTok success!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 27

Steve Mears, Pittsburgh Penguins TV play-by-play voice, sits down with Josh one-on-one to talk about his career as the voice of the Penguins, breakdown the Penguins roster and even gives Josh his prediction for who he thinks will start in net for the Steel City.

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 26

In episode 26 of the Hockey Fanatic Podcast, we are joined by Jason Myrtetus, pregame, post game and intermission reporter for the Philadelphia Flyers! Jason is generous enough to talk about the beginning of his career, his interactions with the Flyers and how he got to start his own daily podcast for the Flyers!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 25

On the 25th episode of the Hockey Fanatic Podcast, current pro hockey player Kurtis Gabriel joins the show! Kurtis talks about his early days in hockey, his current role in the American Hockey League and how he is adapting to being a mentor for young stars before they make the jump to the next level!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 24

In this installment of the Hockey Fanatic Podcast, Arizona Coyotes play-by-play broadcaster and podcaster Matt McConnell joins us to discuss his early starts in Anaheim and Pittsburgh, his encounter with Mario Lemieux, the current Coyotes roster and his thoughts on their upcoming playoff matchup against the Nashville Predators!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 23

Triple Deke founder and worldwide hockey player JT Barnett joins the podcast in episode 23! Outside of the longest commentary in the history of the podcast, JT talks to us about his experiences playing hockey around the globe, the foundation of the Triple Deke company and where he hopes his company will go in the future!

Storm the Field – Episode 7

The guys are joined by former Deadspin Video Director, Founder of Burke Communications and co-author of the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend article Timothy Burke! He breaks down what went behind covering the story, his theory of how it all got so out of hand so fast, and as someone currently in the political world, he gives us his opinion on the future of college football. A great 50-minute listen!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 21

All the way from the great Northwest, Brendan Batchelor joins the Hockey Fanatic Podcast! In this episode, Brendan talks about his time gaining experience and credibility in the field, how he got the Vancouver Canucks broadcasting job as a homegrown talent, and a breakdown of the Canucks roster!