Allison is a NYC composer, instrumentalist, vocalist, sound designer, and music educator. She has had many of her pieces premiered in festivals such as the Venus/Adronis Festival, the Katra Film Series, and has had her works performed by local bands and orchestras. As a bassoonist, she has performed across the Northwest, including a performance with The Metropolitan Music Community at Carnegie Hall. She has extensive experience working with sound design at production companies such as Big Yellow Duck, Deetown Entertainment, and Northern Lights Post. She has also created her own techniques using household items to create organic sounds and create characters that aurally paints pictures for listeners. Currently she is working with local artists and bands, as well as theatrical experiences to help produce and mix their sound to their artistic branding. As a music teacher, she has gained a great rapport with her students varying in different learning styles, musical ideologies, and genres. She has brought on average seven students to NYSSMA yearly with good-excellent levels in grading, yet strives for all musicians she teaches to focus on the craft, not on a grade. She will be attending Hofstra University in the Fall of 2020 for her masters in Music Education, concentrating on Composition, Audio Techniques, and Band Techniques.

Muses Of My Mind – A Prologue In The Pandemic

I wanted to start this podcast out as kind of an exhale. We musicians are living in a state of unknown for our future to thrive and perform amongst others. We are all feeling the sadness of not being able to physically do our craft with others, and many, including myself, lost their steady jobs and music gigs. This is in homage to all who are making due safely at this time, and using a mantra I learned, I wish it to you in this episode, so you can exhale for a moment.