The Nerdcast – Next Gen Consoles on the Horizon?

On this episode of the Nerdcast, Adam and Nick ring in the New Year discussing the possibility of new consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and their hopes for what they could contain. Along with that, the hosts debate the future of game streaming services like Xbox Game Pass and Playstation Now. For more, keep it locked into Required Radio at

Hofstra Club Profiles – Hofstra Esports

On this episode of Required Radio’s newest segment, host Adam Castar sits down with Alex Rufer and Adam Coren, the President and Vice President respectively of Hofstra Esports. They discuss how their club came to be, current events that they’re hosting and future plans for the organization. For more, keep it locked into Required Radio, and stay tuned for future episodes of Required Radio Club Profiles right here at

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The Nerdcast – Summer Excitement

On this episode of The Nerdcast, Adam and Nick discuss summer releases, and what to look forward to at E3 2018! For more episodes of the Nerdcast and plenty of other shows, keep it locked into Required Radio at


The Nerdcast – DLC

On this episode of the Nerdcast, hosts Adam Castar and Nick Koumis discuss the merits of downloadable content in video games. For more, keep it locked into Required Radio at

The Nerdcast – Niche Genres

Hello and welcome to this episodes of The Nerdcast. Adam Castar and special guest host Adam Hussain discuss their favorite genres of gaming, and how they are underrepresented in the gaming landscape today.

Coast to Coast Gaming Podcast


In this first episode, I talk with tournament officials and competitive gamers about a local gaming regional called All or Nothing Gaming (AON). I talk to them about what it is like running and competing in a gaming tournament during their Super Smash Bros Four tournament. Riveting interviews and amazing stories are afoot.

The Nerdcast Episode 4

In the Nerdcast episode 4, Nick isn’t there, so Adam has a guest host in his friend Julian Leib. In this installment, they discuss role-playing games and the implications of role-playing games on the gaming industry. For more, keep it locked into Required Radio at

The Nerdcast Episode 3

In episode 3 of the Nerdcast, hosts Adam and Nick discuss the future console generation starting with the Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro and the Xbox One scorpio. For more discussion about gaming topics, listen to the previous episodes of The Nerdcast on If you want to tell us anything, send us an email at