The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 24

In this installment of the Hockey Fanatic Podcast, Arizona Coyotes play-by-play broadcaster and podcaster Matt McConnell joins us to discuss his early starts in Anaheim and Pittsburgh, his encounter with Mario Lemieux, the current Coyotes roster and his thoughts on their upcoming playoff matchup against the Nashville Predators!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 21

All the way from the great Northwest, Brendan Batchelor joins the Hockey Fanatic Podcast! In this episode, Brendan talks about his time gaining experience and credibility in the field, how he got the Vancouver Canucks broadcasting job as a homegrown talent, and a breakdown of the Canucks roster!

The Birds and the Bills – Episode 13

On this episode, Griffin and Eric discuss the move of Cam Newton to the Patriots, Jamal Adams’ contract dispute and more, as well as the NHL’s draft lottery fiasco and the plans for the season moving forward!

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The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 20

Episode 20 has arrived, and with it the Hockey Fanatic Podcast goes back across the border to talk to Calgary sportscaster Glenn Campbell! Glenn speaks about his career, how he went around Canada before he came back home to Calgary—where he has been for nearly 30 years—and the Calgary Flames roster breakdown for the future!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 19

The Hockey Fanatic is joined by a guest that is a personal first for the podcast, an NHL scout! Arizona Coyotes scout Kevin Pederson joins the podcast and is nice enough to talk about his time growing up in Canada, how he got the slew of positions he did, how his time in Everett really helped shape him and, of course, the Arizona Coyotes!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 18

The second half of the Mike weekend is here with Mike Kelly, Canadian native and NHL Network analyst! Kelly joins the podcast to talk about his career, what he did to get noticed in the field and he offers us a little bit of input on this season as a whole, as well as his thoughts on the McDavid, Ovechkin and Crosby race to glory.

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 17

It’s the weekend of the Mikes on the Hockey Fanatic Podcast! The first Mike to join Josh, Jack and Fal is Mike Leslie, Hofstra alumni and current all-things Dallas sports reporter. Leslie talks to us about his time reporting before finding his way to the Lone Star State, offers up some favorite memories of working for the Dallas Stars and gives us a look at the Stars roster!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 16

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast is joined by NESN alumni and current NHL Network host Jamison Coyle in this episode! Jamison takes time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about how he became the hockey fanatic he is today, the current state of the league, a previous passion, and that our host Joshua might have a TWIN?!?

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 15

On this episode of the Hockey Fanatic Podcast, Hofstra alumni and writer Jon Lane joins the podcast! Jon sits down to talk about his career, how he became the writer he is today and has plenty of talking to do about the New York Rangers!