Lunch Break October Special Ep 4

Come here the tale of Jim Jones told by our very own Gabi!
CONTENT WARNING : This episode has mention of suicide, mass suicide, murder, drug use, child death, abuse, cults
Gabi tells Olivia and Hunter about the famous (not) Kool-Aid drinking cult, Jonestown.

Monster – Mumford & Sons
Itchycoo Park – Small Faces
Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
Ballad Of Jim Jones – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

It’s a Good Life

Julia took the infamous It’s A Good Life by Jerome Bixby and adapted it into an audio piece for her advanced audio production class. The piece is starring Chris as Dan, Connor as Dad, Gabi as Mom, Hugh as John, Celeste as Amy, Olivia as Anthony, Siam as Pat, and Julia as Thelma.

Music is Night and Day Fabrizio Caligaris

Sound is courtesy of