Hard 90 Podcast Ep. 22

In the first installment of the mini-series “Undrafted Free Agents Talk to the Hard 90 Guys” on the podcast, Tim and Will are joined by Red Sox undrafted free agent signings Jose Garcia and Jacinto Arredondo Jr. to talk about their baseball upbringings and their futures in the Red Sox organization.

The Birds and the Bills – Episode 12

Join Griffin and Eric as they interview special guest Ashton Washington, Director of High School Relations at Illinois University and female football trailblazer. They talk about her position with the Fighting Illini, her time working in the XFL, and much more! You don’t want to miss this episode!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 16

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast is joined by NESN alumni and current NHL Network host Jamison Coyle in this episode! Jamison takes time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about how he became the hockey fanatic he is today, the current state of the league, a previous passion, and that our host Joshua might have a TWIN?!?

Storm the Field – Episode 6

Jack, Zach, and Andrew are joined by their first ever guest, Matt Chatham! Chatham talks about his days in D1-AA (now FCS) at the University of South Dakota, the recruitment process, and then what he went on to do in the pros. Spoiler alert, he had some rings on his fingers when we were interviewing him.

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 15

On this episode of the Hockey Fanatic Podcast, Hofstra alumni and NHL.com writer Jon Lane joins the podcast! Jon sits down to talk about his career, how he became the writer he is today and has plenty of talking to do about the New York Rangers!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 13

In this episode of the Hockey Fanatic Podcast, industry legend Dave Goucher joins Josh, Jack and Fal to discuss his time covering hockey in college, his illustrious career in Boston and what it was like to make the jump to television and be the first sportscaster for the Vegas Golden Knights!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 12

The New Jersey Devils are back on The Hockey Fanatic Podcast, this time with team legend and 3-time Stanley Cup champion Ken Daneyko! Ken took the time to talk to us about leaving home at a young age to start his career, his early injuries and how he rebounded to be apart of 3 Stanley Cup-winning New Jersey Devils teams!