The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 13

In this episode of the Hockey Fanatic Podcast, industry legend Dave Goucher joins Josh, Jack and Fal to discuss his time covering hockey in college, his illustrious career in Boston and what it was like to make the jump to television and be the first sportscaster for the Vegas Golden Knights!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 11

Beantown returns to the Hockey Fanatic Podcast! In this episode Josh, Fal and Jack are joined by Eric Russo, beat reporter for the Boston Bruins! Eric talks to us about his journey, being a local guy writing for his local team, and how the current Boston Bruins look to him!

The Hockey Fanatic Podcast – Episode 1

Josh, Falyn and Jack discuss their hockey background, the state of the league with the season on pause due to COVID-19, the what-ifs of the seasoning returning and what team it will help/hurt the most, the Bruins winning the cup by default potentially and Colby Cave. You won’t want to miss this quarantine hockey discussion!